Friday, June 15, 2012

Purex Awesomness!!

Pin It to Win It! This promotion asks Pinterest users to repin and image of a laundry hamper full of socks and guess how many socks are in the hamper. The 5 people who follow the rules and guess the closest the actual number of socks win a year supply of detergent! Heres where to find it

This promotion asks anyone who is interested to sign up for the chance to win $1000 and a year supply of Borax. Let your readers know they can sign up on (this promotion will not be live until Tuesday the 19th)

Ladies Home Journal
LHJ is giving away free 1-year subscriptions; don’t forget to remind your readers! Promotion ends on June 22nd. Sign up on

Crystals Coupon
‘Like’ Purex on Facebook to get access to a $1 off Crystals coupon. Let your readers know they can sign up!

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