Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man — Not Just Selling 3-D Tickets and Popcorn

Delta’s Children’s Products (Delta), the world’s largest manufacturer of baby and children’s furniture, has launched a line of Spider-Man-themed furniture (licensed by Marvel) geared toward toddlers as well as young boys.
Delta CEO Joseph Shamie explains, “Disney (now owner of Marvel) approached us about a year and a half ago about licensing Spider-Man based on our demonstrated success with other Disney-licensed products, including its Princesses, Toy Story, Cars, Mickey Mouse Club (Mickey and Minnie) as well as our track record with respect to safety, affordability and customer care.” Disney showed Delta some advanced marketing for Spider-Man, and it seemed like a natural fit.
Created by writer Stan Lee, the Amazing Spider-Man — with his web-shooters and “spider-sense” — debuted in Marvel comics in 1962, much to the delight of little boys everywhere. Shamie says, “I was a huge fan of Spider-Man as a little boy. My brother Sam (Co-President of Delta) and I loved Spider-Man comics. Then, as Dads, our kids had the pajamas and various cool Spider-Man toys.” Beloved by millions of “kids” of all ages, Spider-Man is now Marvel’s flagship character and company mascot.
This week’s release of The Amazing Spider-Man has spiked a renewed interest, thanks to the marketing of the film, the buzz surrounding the film’s leads, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, and the continued viability of and affection for the Spider-Man character. Delta’s line of Spider-Man-themed products will delight Spider-Man lovers with beds (mattresses transfer easily from Delta’s cribs to toddler beds), shelves and chair and table sets. Shamie says, “We have taken some of our top-selling core items and added design elements specific to the Spider-Man brand. These elements draw direct lines to this property which help differentiate it at retail. For younger children, we designed a cool, upholstered chair with silly string web shooters. Since this property tends to skew a bit older than some of our other evergreen properties (i.e., Cars) though, we also developed specific items that speak to older children as well. For example, a 3-piece desk set with a pull-out bench and a storage bin. Any of the pieces in the collection can be designed to age up or down, however.”
An additional boon to parents? Most items in the collection cost under $60 dollars.
Delta’s line of Spider-Man nursery furniture is available at major retailers, including ToysRUs, WalMart and Amazon.

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