Sunday, July 8, 2012

HP Ink and Project

In our house I ONLY have purchased HP printers and ink. We did have a different brand of printer for a while because it was given to us but we honestly HATED it. It NEVER printed when we wanted to and the ink was just too expensive.

Our current printer is an HP Officejet 4500 Desktop and we use HP Officejet #901 black and Tri-color ink!

I had a little project to complete for Wolf Bloggers.

My project consisted of printing out a cute picture using HP ink { which we only use anyway } and cutting and gluing the project. You can print yours out HERE 

My 11 year old was on vacation and the girls didn't want to help me { it could be because they were watching Doc McStuffins ! } so I attempted this cute project myself.

I simply printed my project { in color of course } and read the directions

They seemed pretty easy but once I realized that the little Monster Lifeguard was so tiny I kind of freaked. My fingers and big and getting into little spaces drives me nuts. Thank goodness it wasn't too bad!

All I did was cut,fold, and glue!

Gluing the little tabs wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I think this cute Monster Lifeguard is so cute for the summer!

This project was fun! I love the way my Monster Lifeguard came out. He now sits on the shelf above the computer and the kids get a kick out of him!

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