Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lehigh Valley Introduces the Pure Protect Bottle

Did you know that light can change the taste of milk and degrade its nutrition and vitamins?

It’s true. All light – both natural sunlight and artificial light from the dairy case at your local grocer – can change the way your milk tastes. In fact, researchers at Cornell University have found that milk develops “off flavors” in as little as two hours after exposure to light.

That’s why Lehigh has created the new Pure Protect™ bottle, a packing innovation that has been developed to protect milk’s purity, taste and nutrition from the harmful effects of light.

Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms is committed to providing the highest quality milk possible that is both nutritious and delicious, making their innovative new Pure Protect bottle just one more reason you can count on Lehigh Valley’s products to always start pure and stay pure. We think our consumers will be able to taste the difference!

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Purchasing Lehigh Valley Milk has changed us totally. We now ONLY buy Lehigh Valley Milk. It honestly just tastes cleaner!

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