Sunday, August 5, 2012

Book Review: Preemie lessons in love,life and motherhood

Being a mom of two preemie daughters I tend to obsess over all things preemie.
Peyton was born at 27 weeks and Olivia was born at 36 weeks. It was a very rough road with Peyton, while with Olivia it was not as rough.

If you have ever had a preemie baby, I suggest you pick up Kasey Matthews book, preemie lessons in love, life and motherhood.

Being a preemie mom is a tough position but it makes us stronger as parents. Most who have not had preemie babies try to understand but just can't even come close. Being a preemie mom has made me a million times stronger.

In preemie, Kasey Matthews tells us about her life as a preemie mom. She went into labor 4 months early and delivered her daughter weighing just 1lb 11 oz. My Peyton was only 1lb 15 so I could totally relate to this and will admit that I bawled through most of the book. This is my Peyton just minutes after birth

Like Kasey nothing could prepare me for life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit { NICU }. Many tubes and wires which Kasey explains in great detail.

Kasey Matthews explains that it's ok to cry, yell, scream and just feel pissed off at the world. After all, who thinks that having a preemie could happen to them?

You ca purchase preemie on Amazon for $12.36 right now { amazon prices change frequently so it may be a bit higher }

I highly suggest if you are having a preemie, had a preemie or just want to read about an extraordinary woman you need to pick up preemie lessons in love, life and motherhood by Kasey Matthews.

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