Monday, August 6, 2012

BuggyLove Review & GIVEAWAY!! #BabyMustHaves

As a Mom of 3 kids, I have gone through my fair share of super icky strollers. Especially with 2 kids 18 1/2 months apart!

I have washed, scrubbed and febreezed strollers but nothing has cleaned them quite like BuggyLove!

Here is a bit about BuggyLove:


Protect our children. Defend our planet. Improve our world.

Why BuggyLOVE? In response to the blatant industry “green washing” and prevalent, misleading labeling practices, BuggyLOVE has chosen to refuse the use of logos on our labels that have nothing to do with the authentic, sustainable principals of organic growing and processing methodologies.

“Is your product organic?”

This is the typical question with no simple ‘silver bullet’ answer…
Any company that wishes to be genuinely “organic” must first strive to go back to Nature and to discover what it is to be sustainable. Observe systems that naturally self-perpetuate and harness the pure qualities of non-chemical treated life to achieve results that Mother Nature would be proud of.
Being “organic” also demands considerations for fair trade, social justice, vegetarian/vegan, biodynamic, permaculture, transitional organic and ethical wildcrafting (to name a few) sustainable and ethical methodologies.
“Natural” products and brands, though safer than the harsh alternatives, still contain many of the toxins and harmful ingredients we list below. Because of “green wash” marketing, the consumer is appallingly misled and unknowingly invests in products that still contain levels of toxins. We choose to not participate in these deceitful business practices, and caution consumers to understand that Natural + Green + Eco-Friendly will never ever = Organic!
We applaud companies that work to create better and safer products, and strive to leave cleaner footprints on our Earth. We believe that knowledge is power so we will continue our campaign to educate consumers about the choices they make everyday.
So, when someone legitimately asks us if our products are “organic”, we believe they are asking us a very important question. We believe that you are asking if we participate in the “green wash” marketing game. The answer is a simple NO…and we never will. We have a responsibility as business owners, and as parents to speak the truth.
BuggyLOVE does not take this responsibility lightly. Unlike “Natural” products, we will not compromise on the quality of any of our ingredients or substitute them for cheaper chemicals in order to lower costs or improve margins. Additionally, unlike most of our competitors, we will never use the potentially carcinogenic preservatives parabens or sulfates in any of our organic products. We dedicate ourselves to maintaining the highest ethical standards as we continue to evolve our own organic and environmental footprint.
BuggyLOVE is committed to changing the landscape of our industry. Consumers need to understand the value and difference between organic and natural products. The rapidly growing organic product line by BuggyLOVE, boasts the purest and finest ingredients this world can offer, and fully encompasses our core beliefs and passions. We often hear how delicious FreshLOVE smells; how powerful FabricLOVE is for stain removal; and how PolishLOVE cleans like no other product on the market. When asked how we were able to achieve this, our answer is simple…Ingredients. The ingredients we choose to include, as well as the ingredients we choose to not include.
Educate yourself on the choices you are making. Take the time to see past the logos, friendly packaging and clever wording. The proof is in the ingredients. We happily challenge you to compare our labels to any major “Natural” “Eco-Friendly” “Bio-degradable” or “Green” cleaner on the market…We’ll let you be the judge from there.

Party of 5 was sent the BuggyLove Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit to test out on some of our yuckier strollers.
The BuggyLove Organic Cleaning Kit includes:
FreshLove- 8 oz. of exotic and soothing, organic, rosehip scented solution for all-over freshening.Life is short, it should smell sweet everywhere you go. Neutralize unpleasant scents on strollers, car seats, changing tables, play areas, bathrooms or, well…anywhere
PolishLove- 8oz of tangy crip organic tangerine scented solution for cleaning dirt and grime from stroller frames and wheels.
FabricLove- See ya’ milk and formula spots! 4 oz. and/or 1 oz. of highly concentrated, organic,clementine scented solution for safe and effective use on most fabrics.Easily remove stains that appear on strollers, carseats, high chairs,and even your favorite chair or shirt
WheelLove- 1.5 oz. of the first-ever, all natural, stroller wheel lube that eliminates squeaks and squeals.
Can I just say that the scent on the BuggyLove products are amazing?! Well, they are! Super yummy fragrances, no harsh chemical smell and most of all you can rest assure that BuggyLove is safe to use around your kids.

A wheel scrub brush and a microfiber cloth!
**CAUTION, product smells SUPER YUMMY, but is not intended to eat! **
Party of 5 is super impressed at how clean and fresh smelling our strollers are now after using BuggyLove!

Buy It: You can purchase the BuggyLove Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit for $49.99 HERE
The national instore retailer / registry is Buy Buy Baby and the national e-tailer / registry is
Win It: ONE Lucky Party of 5 reader is going to win their own BuggyLove Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit!!

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