Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Boogie Wipes Review & GIVEAWAY!!

'Tis the season to be germy! We all know that when the weather changes noses get stuffy. It breaks my heart to see my little man with a sore red nose from blowing. He lets me know he hates it too by running away when I come after him with a tissue. 

Enter: Boogie Wipes! If you don't know about this product let me just tell you, you are in for a treat!

Boogie Wipes are a gentle saline wipe for stuffy noses made by moms who got tired of chasing their children when their noses were crusty! The saline is the savior that keeps the mucus away but they also come in great scents like great grape, magic menthol, original fresh, and unscented to keep kids coming back! 

There are 2 different ways to "Boogie"

1. The 30 pack of Boogie Wipes
2. Boogies on the Run (10 pack individually packaged wipes)

Party of 5 was sent a 30 pack of Boogie Wipes (Fresh Scent) and 9 Boogies on the Run (3 Fresh, 3 Grape, and 3 Menthol)

It is nice to have the 30 pack of wipes to keep at home but the Boogies on the Run are awesome to throw in your diaper bag or purse while you're out and about. 

But wait! There's more! News from Boogie Wipes!

NEW PRODUCTS! Our new 45 count packs of FRESH scent Boogie Wipes are now available at Target stores nationwide!  Our 90 count canisters are available now in most major retailers like Target, Walmart and BabiesRUs. And look for our newest product – Boogie Blasters – in a 12 count pack of Berry scented wipes, available at Walmart and Kroeger stores!

COMING SOON! A 10 count pack of Boogie Wipes in Fresh and Grape.  New Boogie Blasters scents. Snot Your Average Kid contest winners to be featured on our Fall 2012 Canisters, which will also include a 90 count Simply Unscented canister!

SAVE THE SLEEVE!  Our on-going promotion is called Save The Sleeve!  It’s a fun, interactive way for kids to learn to put their boogies in a Boogie Wipe and not on their sleeves!  You can learn more at SaveTheSleeve.com . 

Follow Boogie Wipes on  Facebook and Twitter, check out their awesome website full of fun and gross facts , and join the "Boogie Bunch" to get product coupons!

Buy Them: Boogie Wipes are available just about anywhere and are very affordable! The 30 pack of wipes is available for $3.79 or you can buy the Boogies on the Go 10 pack of individually wrapped wipes for $2.89. 

Win Them: Enter to win (2) packs of 30-count wipes (fresh, grape, menthol, or unscented– combination varies).

As the people at Boogie Wipes say Boogie On!

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** Disclosure** The product(s) in this review were provided to me free of cost for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


Lizzie Ticona said...

Learned that Boogie Wipes also comes in unscented, menthol and grape scent :) Great for kids and adults!

Liz Ticona

lana said...

i have learned they are made with natural dissolve saline

MommyWorksToo said...

The "On the Run" package make a GREAT stowaway in the stroller, glove compartment, purse, even one for my son's backpack!

latanya t said...

Julie Pickens and Mindee Doney developed the first ever saline nose wipe called Boogie Wipes.

Mnemosyne said...

These were invented by moms and turned into a multi-million dollar business in just a few years!

~ Auri Lae

Kimberly O said...

Love they are all natural.

WinItMama Wins said...

I learned that in 2011 they reached $10-million in sales! =)

Alycia said...

I learned they're all natural and have a grape scent!

Anne N. said...

I learned they are all better then kleenex for the kids and made with natural dissolve saline.

Lacey Crochet said...

Mom run company!

Abby said...

I learned that they are MOM invented, I LOVE that


Brooke T said...

They have multiple scents!

Dealsfan32 said...

I learned that when you Join The Boogie Bunch
you Get a Coupon for 50¢ Off Boogie Wipes

dealsfan32 at gmail dot com

Brittany Chelette said...

It comes in one of my favorite scents (menthol) and one of our son's favorites (grape!) :)

Maria said...

that they're scented now!

Bryan, Amanda, Madyson, Little Man, and Landon said...

They sound awesome! Would love to have for for all three of the kids

Miranda W. said...

I learned that they are made with products that are actually safe for my baby! Love natural products!