Monday, September 10, 2012

Snugli soft Carrier Review #BabyMustHaves

Party of 5 was sent the Snugli Front Snugli in Union Jack print to review.

This carrier is a Front Carrier, which is designed to wear baby facing in OR out.

Here is a bit about Snugli:
Back in the '60s....“Nobody carried their babies in America. They always put them in those plastic infant seats. There is no human warmth through that. It is all plastic and hard. So we went to the fabric store and started working on the Snugli carrier.”
-Ann Moore, returned Peace Corps volunteer and Snugli inventor
Ann Moore
For moms in traditional cultures, carrying babies is part of life. These mothers need to go out into the field, work, and care for household and children. Kind of like you.
Today’s multi-tasking American mom needs to carry her babies, too. And thanks to a Peace Corps volunteer named Ann Moore, she can.
In 1968, Ann was in the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa. She was impressed by how peaceful and contented the local babies were—asleep and awake. They went everywhere with their mothers, strapped on the back, snuggled in a simple cloth sling.
When Ann returned to the States, she had her own daughter. An active mom, she wanted her hands free while carrying her baby. At that time, there were no baby carriers at the store! So Ann designed the first soft baby carrier and named it Snugli®.
Ann found she was able to cook and run errands, all while snuggling her baby. “I'd go to the grocery store, and people would say, Oh my gosh, where can I get one of those?” Ann reports. She made more. A cottage industry was born.
Ann Moore never expected to become one of the most influential inventors in history. But her invention birthed a new industry. Her design has been honored with permanent placement in the Smithsonian Institute.
Today, Snugli continues its tradition of innovation with new high-performance fabrics, vented zones, and strap and buckle perfection—all developed at levels of testing that meets or exceeds safety standards. But the original inspiration for Snugli—to hold baby softly yet securely—still guides our every step.
“I never really thought of myself as an inventor. More as a problem-solver.”-Ann Moore

I presonally did not use a carrier until my youngest was born just 18 months after her sister. I often found that using a carrier really helped me achieve a different bond with Olivia than with my other two. Not to mention I got a lot more stuff done!

I have never carried my babies facing out so I can not attest to that side of it but I can tell you that carrying my infants forward facing was always special. It made it so much easier to kiss and smell those sweet little babies.

Designed to wear baby facing in or out, our basic Snugli carrier brings reliable comfort features in an array of styles. It’s easy to own more than one!
7-26 lbs
Recommended for:
• Newborns and smaller babies (7 lbs +)
• Moms trying baby carriers for the first time
• Moms who like things simply comfortable
• Fashionable moms who love to accessorize

• Wear it on the front. Baby faces in or out.
All Snugli carriers provide these comfort features:
• One handed buckle
• Comfortable, padded shoulder straps
• Adjustable pull straps

• Automatically adjusting back straps
• Soft and breathable, easy-clean fabrics

I was really impressed with the quality of the Snugli Union Jack Front Carrier.

You can find Snugli on Facebook.

Buy It: You can purchase the Union Jack Front Carrier for $45 on

** Disclosure** The product(s) in this review were provided to me free of cost for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

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