Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CSI : Miami Heat Wave on Facebook #CleverCSI #spon

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In our house we have been a big fan of CSI: All three since the very beginning. 
Hubs and I were quite sad when CSI Miami went off air. What would we do without our beloved Horatio Cane?! 

I found the solution to my problem in Facebook of all places. 

CSI Miami Heat Wave is a super fun, addicting game on Facebook. The first time I started playing I played for about an hour until Hubs had to pry me away.

Looking for clues, processing the evidence and being a character from the show. I of course chose Natalia!!

She was always one of my favorites on the show and I got to choose my outfit right down the the shoes on my character!

Working the crime scene was fun as I got to unlock clues and then question the suspects. Seraching for clues was a bit of a pain since you don't know where to start but once you find where you are supposed to go a little yellow line and arrow show you the way. Collecting evidence has never been easier!

Check out my little video on how I collected clues

When I have some free time I like to get on Facebook and play CSI Miami Heat Wave! Want to join me?!

I promise you wont want to close the game!

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