Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kizmos® Get Happy food prep items review & giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

I love getting my kids in the kitchen. I have found that if they help me prepare the food that they are going to eat they are more likely to be way less picky.

My kids have always been great eaters, especially with their veggies. I never had to push them to eat any type of green veggie.  In fact all 3 will even eat brussel sprouts :)

Anyhow, cooking with your kids can be loads of fun especially when you use Kizmos assortment of tools and gadgets!

Party of 5 was sent this awesome "basket" of Kizmos gadgets to test out with the kids!

Inside were a Get Happy Scrub Brush, Get Happy Bag Clips, Get Happy Nesting Measuring Cups { the girls favorite!!}, Get Happy Colander in Berry, Get Happy Pizza Cutter, Get Happy Turner and some crazy straws!

My kids were so excited for some fun colored cooking tools they asked what we could make right away.

Look how cute those Nesting Measuring Cups are:
Kizmos Get Happy collection is a whimsical new line of kitchen tools and gadgets designed to delight and surprise cooks. These Get Happy Nesting Measuring Cups comes in 3 different colors for easy measuring identification. Features precise, easy-to-read measurement indicators and nest inside each other for easy storage. Dishwasher safe. Each cup features two separate measurements. Set of 3 includes a red cup that holds 1 and 3/4 cups, a blue cup that holds 2/3 and 1/2 cups and a purple cup that holds 1/3 and 1/4 cups.

The pizza cutter was my favorite and we used it right away. I have a bad habit of not taking anything out for dinner lately so we ordered pizza and used our pizza cutter!
Get Happy Pizza Cutter features a durable wheel, making slicing pizza an easy job. Also great for slicing lasagna, quiches, tarts and more. Dishwasher safe. 8 inch long. We had no problem using our pizza cutter even on that hard crust!

Oh this little scrub brush, how I loooveeee thee. This little cutie makes scrubbing my pans so much more enjoyable. Just check out that smile.

This handy Get Happy Palm Brush features a comfortable grip head and nylon bristles to tackle tough scrubbing

The turner is another one of my favorites. It's the perfect size for flipping pancakes! My husband is the master pancake maker in our house and this is the first "flipper" he reaches for. 

This Get Happy Turner showcases its whimsical design by having slots cut into the eyes and smile of its face. It will glide under foods so you can easily turn and lift them without breakage. Ideal for delicate foods like fried eggs, fish fillets, pancakes and cookies

Everyone needs chip clips, in our hosue we often have aroud 5 bags of something opened and my son always forgets to close the bags. I now leave the clips on the side of the fridge so he can see them and USE them!  And what kid doesn't love crazy straws?! 

These Get Happy Medium Bag Clips can be used to keep bags sealed for freshness, keep your recipe book open, or organize your bills. Comes in 3 different colors and features a magnetic back making them perfect for hanging recipes, messages, photos, appointments and more. Sturdy plastic construction and easy-to-open with one press. Set of 3 clips in bright assorted colors
Add the finishing touches to your bar area with this set of Kizmo's Jumbo Flex Straws. Features 5 straws with assorted twists and turns so you can watch your beverage quickly flows through the winding path, creating a mildly entertaining spectacle. Reusable design is affordable and easy to use. Set of 5 crazy straws in assorted colors and designs.

And now another one of my favorites, The colander!

I use colanders for tons of things: pasta, draining beans, olives, pickles you name it I'm sure I have used it!

This Get Happy Colander is perfect for rinsing and draining pasta, fruits and vegetables. The feet on the bottom provide a stable base when sitting the colander in the sink or on a counter. Dishwasher safe

So, what are your thoughts on the Kizmos line of Get Happy prep items? Party of 5? We love them. The smiley faces tend to brighten our days when we look at them. Not to mention the fun vibrant colors.

BUY IT: You can purchase the Kizmos Get Happy line of food prep items from a variety of places such as Walmart, Amazon and Pfaltzgraff. Prices vary from $1.99-$14.00

WIN IT: One lucky winner is going to win a gift colander full of goodies!

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Kerri Fay said...


Angie B. said...

The nesting measuring cups are super cute

Tara Oliver said...

The colander!

Susana Higuera said...

The happy nesting cups!

Cassandra Eastman said...

Honestly everything because it's SO fun! But probably most excited about the Nesting Measuring Cups!

Anonymous said...

Love the nested measuring cups!

karenmed409 said...

Nesting Measuring Cups, my gals will squeel when they see these

A. Truckenmiller said...

Get Happy Turner

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The Colander!

raceracegirl said...

I like the Get Happy Turner.
Thanks for the chance!

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My daughter loves pouring so the colander would be her favorite for sure!!!!

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The nesting measuring cups are adorable!!

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Most exited to win the colander since mine broke a few wks ago & because it looks sooo cute! :)

liz ticona

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Love those measuring cups and colander!

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Colander need a new one

Anne N. said...

The pizza cutter.

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I'm most excited about the Colander!


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I love the Get Happy Brush. It's so simple, but so fun, and maybe it would make me enjoy washing dishes a little more.

Christine Jessamine said...

very excited for the nesting cups!

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I love that everything is so colorful and kid friendly!