Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zike Fly By Review & Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide @getziked

Being the mom of an 11 year old boy I am often at a loss of what to purchase him for Christmas. Clothes, video games, the essentials gets pretty boring right?

I recently came across a company called Zike.

About Zike:

As a child I enjoyed dreaming up ideas and sketching inventive gadgets. I would often get lost in a world where I could ponder possibilities and truly think and dream "outside the box." Box...what box? Who needs the box anyway? Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." That's a pretty big statement coming from such a knowledgeable guy.
Zike LLC is a revolutionary company with a passion for creating the next generation of revolutionary new human powered products. Zike's new freestyle hybrid scooters are an innovative combination of both a scooter and a bicycle - unlike any other on the planet. Zike is dedicated to excellence and committed to providing well built, quality products. We hope to make a positive difference in people's lives by combining fun and fitness with our environmentally friendly transportation.
Zike's vision is not simply about a one hit wonder or a one product success, but rather a passion for continual, inventive steps to the future. At Zike we strive to "look at things a bit differently." (Again...what box?) The goal is to consistently challenge the imagination and to constantly improve Zike's products. We strive daily to be our own best competition!
As known to the average worldwide consumer, mainstream bikes have basically been the same for over 100 years! With 27 patents pending, Zike has pioneered a radical rethink. From meeting the needs of green initiatives to fighting childhood obesity, Zike's vision is leading the way in showing the world a whole new generation of scooters and bikes. From fun and exercise to transportation, Zike is launching a whole new way of looking at the Magic of Motion!

I was thrilled that Zike agreed to let me review a Fly By for Branden. I think he was equally as thrilled.  

Here is the Hubs and Branden putting together the Zike Fly By which only took about 15 minutes to assemble.

I like that its' similar to a scooter yet similar to a bike. Branden really has to work his legs to get moving. I am all about getting the kids out and moving.

As soon as the Fly By was together Branden took off. Too fast for me since I wasn't able to get a video of him! Darn kids! 

The Fly by is recommended for ages 8 - 10 { Branden is 11 and has NO issue using it at all! 

Offers a fast and smooth ride not to mention the Fly By comes in 6 colors. 

* Offers a collapsible steel frame
* Double bracket chain system for increased speed
* Stroke size adjusted for age
* Adjustable handle bar
* Single rear drum brake
* Large 9" urethane tires

The Flyby is a double bottom bracket stepper Zike, a step up from the Hotshot. The addition of a second bottom bracket allows the Flyby rider to gain speed and increase agility while enjoying the benefits of outdoor exercise

Party of 5 is really impressed with the quality of the Zike Fly By! 
They make a great gift for those kids who love being outdoors!

BUY IT: You can purchase the Zike Fly By for $249.99 on the Zike.net website!
WIN IT: One Lucky Party of 5 reader is going to win a $50 gift certificate towards the purchase of any Zike model. There are 4 to choose from.  Hotshot, SlingShotSaber and of course the Fly By!

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raceracegirl said...

I like the Saber.
Thanks for the chance!

raceracegirl at yahoo dot com

lana said...

I like the Saber. Looks really awesome and love the big wheel on it

Celeste said...

My daughter would LOVE the Hotshot. It would be great for her as she has low muscle tone. It would challenge her hand eye coordination delays.

lisa said...

the Saber.

Nicole Ott said...

My son would LOVE the hotshot in RED!