Sunday, November 18, 2012

Treat Two Day Free Card 2012

What is treat you ask? Treat is Shutterfly’s exciting new greeting card brand that makes it easy for people to create and send one-of-a-kind greeting cards. Treat cards are perfect for holidays, birthdays, congrats, thank yous and every occasion in between. It’s crazy fun. It’s super easy. And it’s totally personal.

 Your holiday checklist just got shorter. Create and send a totally personalized greeting card from Treat for FREE. Whether saying thanks for Thanksgiving, wishing a best friend a holiday birthday, or simply sharing the holiday cheer with a just because card, Treat lets you create a one-of-a-kind card that is sure to impress.

Not to mention treat will MAIL IT FOR YOU!! Saves a trip to the Post Office since we all know just how "fun" those lines are! 

Here's the deal: You can get one free Treat card good only on Monday 11/19 & Tuesday 11/20!!
Code to use:  TREATBLOGR

See this adorable card? You can send it to your family say in Germany { that's where mine is! }

Why are you still here?! Go get those FREE cards!!! 

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