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Beloved American Author’s Birthday on December 30 GIVEAWAY!!

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December is a month of holiday celebration, but did you know there is another reason to celebrate? Someone special will be celebrating a birthday very soon! Can you guess who?

Here are a few clues:

·       He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on December 30, 1943.
·       He’s written and illustrated over 300 children’s books.
·       His most famous character appeared in his 1975 book, Just For You.
·       Two of the main character's favorite pets are a grasshopper and a spider.
·       He’s going to be 69 this year so that means next year is the BIG 70, so we need to start planning a BIG celebration.

Did you guess?

He is one of my favorite chidlren's authors ever! We have so many of his books in our house and I bet you do too!

Award-winning American children’s book author and illustrator Mercer Mayer!!


Throughout his formidable career, Mercer Mayer has published over 300 books using a wide range of illustrative styles, although he is probably best known for his Little Critter® and Little Monster series of books. When Mayer drew from his own childhood experiences in creating stories, he struck a chord with children and parents alike.

“Most of my books are about things that happened to me when I was a little kid,” says Mercer. “Now that I’m a big kid, I write about things that happen now, especially with my own children and grandchildren. They always remind me of what it is like to be little."

At Silver Dolphin Books, we have other reasons to celebrate too! In January 2013, Silver Dolphin Books will be unveiling their very first app about Little Critter—Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter: The Trip.

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The app is being developed right now by Silver Dolphin Books together with the award-winning app developer John R. Sansevere. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the scenes from the app:

:Trip LO_Sc05.tiff

Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter appeals to young readers who identify with his first-person narration of his thoughts, feelings, ideas and inspirations as he navigates the challenges of childhood. Life in Critterville mirrors the everyday experiences of children everywhere. Little Critter and his best friends Tiger and Gator love to play sports, read comics, ride skateboards and go on school field trips, out for pizza, and to the movies! And just like real-life kids, they deal with challenges, help their friends, love their pets and get annoyed by their younger siblings while striving for independence and a better understanding of their world.

Kids empathize with Little Critter and the situations he finds himself in that are so familiar to them, and laugh along at his heart-warming and ever hopeful efforts to negotiate the world. Little Critter shows that it’s all right to fail and try again, and to keep trying until you get it right. And just as importantly, have fun and laugh at themselves in the process, which is perhaps the biggest secret of all!

If you love Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter books—you are going to love this new app! Here’s another scene from the upcoming Little Critter: The Trip app.

:Trip LO_Sc09.tiff

Available in late January 2013, Silver Dolphin Book’s Little Critter: The Trip app invites young children to learn along with Little Critter and the other familiar characters who will reinforce their ability to resolve the practical, down-to-earth, family-based situations typically presented in Mayer’s book series. Offering a balance of fun games and learning activities, the Little Critterapp emphasizes basic pre-school and early elementary curriculum (numbers, shapes, colors, patterns, letters, simple words, map reading).

In Little Critter: The Trip, you will be able to take an action-packed car trip with Little Critter, Little Sister, Mom and Dad in which everything imaginable happens—literally—from A to Z, in this fun-filled interactive app! “is for bad” when the “is for tire” goes flat! And “is for lost” when where did the “is for road” go? Little Critters’ trip is full of humorous ups and downs like the actual road they’re following! It’s up to you and Little Critter to help find the way, fix the car when it breaks down, and play lots of fun “is for games” with Little Sister to pass the time! Kids learn along with Little Critter as, true to his nature, he cheers you on to scale new heights!

To further celebrate Mercer Mayer’s birthday, visit our Silver Dolphin website for FREE holiday e-cards, available from December 14! Check back as we will be posting some Little Critter activity sheets soon too for some holiday fun!


Here's the amazing giveaway!

Mercer Mayer autographed copy of LITTLE CRITTER’S SNOWBALL SOUP, a “My First I Can Read” book for readers ages 4 and up (paperback). A fun winter-themed book that ties so well into this festive time of year—join Little Critter, Little Sister, and Dog as they make their new friend the snowman a tasty treat—Snowball soup!

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raceracegirl said...

I don't think We have any of his books yet.
Thanks for the chance!

raceracegirl at yahoo dot com

Kerri Fay said...

A handful at home but a ton at work!!

karenmed409 said...

Maybe about 8 books
karenmed409 at comcast dot net

Tiffany Flynn said...

Even though my kids are only 16 weeks, they love when I read to them.

Jennifer Young said...

We own about 10, but we always have a ton from the library as well. Mercer Mayer is my 3 year old daughter's FAVORITE!

Tara Oliver said...

we probably have 20+. we love Little Critter!