Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rabbids Rumble #RabbidsR #spon

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We have a few of the Rabbids games including Raving Rabbids and I personally love playing that with Branden.

We had the opportunity to test out Rabbids Rumble and this is MY new favorite game!

Rabbid Rumble is a fighting game from Ubisoft and it is the ONLY Rabbids fighting game!

Branden loves it since the characters are the same and there is a tad more violence { no judging, he's 11!! }

  • Collect over 100 deranged Rabbids - Capture over a hundred Rabbids, each with unique and wacky combat abilities.
  • Challenge your friends - Play intense 1v1 battles with your friends, mixing strategy and tactics with Rabbids' crazy humor!
  • The battle continues in the street - Share scores, gain training bonuses, and unlock new Rabbids and items with other players you encounter with the Street Pass feature.
  • Complete your collection with Spot Pass - Thanks to the Spot Pass feature, you can download new, rare Rabbids every week on your Nintendo 3DS.
  • Experience the augmented Rabbidity - Interact with the Rabbids in new mini-games where they escape from your floor, fly around you or fight on your kitchen table!

Party of 5 LOVES Rabbids Rumble.

you can find this game at Toys R Us for $29.99

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