Friday, January 11, 2013

Dr. Ian Smith's SHRED Revolutionary Diet

With a “Shredder Nation” following on Twitter and Facebook that continues to grow, Dr. Ian created SHRED while working with people who had success following his previous diet books but had hit stubborn plateaus

SHRED: The Revolutionary Diet—Six Weeks, Four Inches, Two Sizes integrates all of Dr. Ian’s strategic dieting tools into one plan—like putting all the best players on the field at once to create a can't lose combination.  Combining a low glycemic index diet, meal spacing, and meal replacements, SHRED will have dieters eating constantly—four meals or meal replacements and three snacks a day—over a six week program.

Each week of the SHRED program stands on its own, yet builds on the preceding one:

·         Prime prepares you for the rest of the plan, focusing on meal spacing, proper snacking techniques, and suppressing hunger without consuming too many calories.
·         Challenge is a confidence booster, showing dieters that despite past failures or plans they thought would be too difficult, they actually have what it takes to succeed. 
·         Transformation, the toughest week, a critical seven days where most shredders start truly noticing a difference, many dropping a clothing size
·         Ascend combines knowledge and skills of the first three weeks to keep dieters motivated and moving forward
·         Cleanse pays special attention to enhancing your liver’s ability to detoxify your blood. 
·         Explode into your new life with the knowledge and skills you’ve developed.  The variety in the types and quantity of food and beverages keeps you moving along from one day to the next.

I have to say I have not started the SHRED yet but I did read the book. Everything is laid out for you. Recipes, shakes etc. 

I like that I can eat yet at the same time I am a bit concerned that the calorie intake decreases weekly. That seriously scares me. I am a high calorie girl :)

In a few weeks I will begin my SHRED and I will be sharing with you all!

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Tara Oliver said...

hey good luck! I saw this book on Amazon when I was considering a diet book (but decided to just try to do it on my own for a while). so I'll be curious to see how it goes!