Monday, February 25, 2013

Nuby Bath Time Clock and Thermometer Review @NubyUSA

Bath time is a fun time { if your kids enjoy it } but it can also be a very dangerous time. From getting burned by too hot of water or the possible D word.

With the Nuby Bath Time Clock and Thermometer you can rest assure that you have the correct temperature so that baby doesn't get burned.

My girls like that the Ducky floats around the tub with them and they also like to use the duck with the Fish swoosh!

I like that there is also a clock on the little duck { also comes in a turtle }. I often loose track of time when the girls are playing nicely in the tub. Olivia also has yucky exczema in the winter and I can't leave her in the tub too long. With the Nuby Bath Time Clock and Thermometer I know how long they have been in and when to get them out!

The Duck will also beep if the temperature is too hot for the kids to get in the tub.

On the bottom { as seen above } you can set your clock and temperature reading from Fahrenheit and Celsius.

I couldn't get a great picture as the little guy was floating in the tub but here is the idea

I know that when the new babe arrives the Nuby Bath Time Clock and Thermometer will be used constantly. My girls are older and actually like a nice warm bath but with little ones you have to be careful. { not that you don't have too with the older ones }

Party of 5 loves the Nuby Bath Time Clock and Thermometer and thinks it is a perfect gift for baby showers!

** Disclosure: I received this product as a Nuby Mommy Blogger. All opinions are my own **

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