Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nuby Fish Swoosh Bath Time Play Set Review @NubyUS

My girls LOVE bath time and there once was a time when our tub was filled with toys. This Momma couldn't take it much longer and tossed all of the old toys.

Being a Nuby Mom I got to choose this awesome bath time toy for the girls to play with. 


The Nuby Fish Swoosh Bath Time Play Set was super easy to assemble. Just attach the suction cups to the backboard and stick to the tub wall. 

We have had our fair share of toys that were "supposed" to stick and never did. The Nuby Fish Swoosh actually does and has been stuck to my tub wall for almost 2 weeks now. 

My girls love the 3 fish that come with the set. They also love the fact that they are squirty fish and often squirt Mommy and Daddy during bath time. Yes, there are times when we are soaked but the laughter is worth it!

I love that the bottom can be pulled together and the 3 squirters that are included have a place to hang out instead of in my tub.

Here is a quick video of my girls playing with the Nuby Fish Swoosh Bath Time Play Set


Cassandra Eastman said...

This is so cute! My kids need some bath toys so i'll have to check it out! Thanks for the review!

MommyMandi said...

We love this bath toy too!

Jessica G. said...

My kids love this toy too!

shelly said...

My daughter loves this toy; definitely a slam dunk!

Lauryn said...

We have this set and my kids adore it!