Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pregnancy Update Week #13! @viewamiracle

How Far Along: 13 weeks today and welcoming the 2nd trimester already :)

Size of baby: Baby4 is the size of a medium shrimp

Sleep: Eh sleep. Most days I feel like I got hit by a bus. Others I feel good. I do take a nap { or try to } when the girls go in for a nap. I am in bed normally by 9pm

Total Weight Gain: still down. -18 { but I gained 2 back!! }

Symptoms: Tired, some nausea and cravings

Movement: Little flutters here and there

Maternity Clothes: YES!!

Go-to eats: Lately I have been craving veggies. carrots, sugar snap peas, salad

Best moment of the week: Hitting the second tri and having some energy back

Gender: still thinking girl { we are going to our gender determination on 3/10/13!! }

What I wish people knew: Just how exhausting it is growing a human.

Milestones: Got my very first bright orange jug for this pregnancy. I have had preeclampsia twice { including HELLP syndrome } so I am considered high risk and need a baseline 24hr urine test. Oh fun. Hubs just loves when there is a nice pee jug in the fridge :)

As I stated on the Facebook page I am now going to be blogging for View A Miracle! I am so super excited. I will be sharing my weekly updates, the giveaways, my favorite products and much more.

Mostly I will be blogging for the Staten Island location. I would really appreciate it if you could like View A Miracle's Facebook Page. They offer amazing giveaways of their own as well.

The Staten Island location is located at 2286 Richmond Road Staten Island, NY 10306 and is super easy to access from Central Jersey and NY!

I will be going for my gender determination ultrasound next Sunday and am so super excited. I will be 14 weeks and have been dying to know what  this sweet babe is.

Make sure you are following along because next week I will have an awesome giveaway for you from View A Miracle!!

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