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Make-Up Tips For Any Hair Color

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Make-Up Tips For Any Hair Color
The warm and sultry days of summer are right around the corner.  It’s time once again to trade your winter shades for the new shades of summer.  This leaves many women wondering what make-up colors will enhance their features this summer season.  Here are a few tips on how you can select the best shades for your features depending on your hair color.
Beautiful Blonds
Golden haired women glow during the summer months.  Enhance your look by incorporating the following into your daily beauty routine:
  • Opt for Neutral:  Too many products can result in a cakey mess.  During the summer months, natural skin looks best.  Gloss up your lips with a shimmery shade.  Then brush a light brown or tan color in the crease of your eye.  
  • Bronze Looks Best:  Brush a thin layer of bronzing powder of your cheekbones, and on the bridge of your nose.  Be careful to match the bronzer to your specific skin tone.  Blonds look amazing with tanned or bronzed skin.
  • Light Pink:  Pastel pink lips and cheeks add some color to your fair skin.  Pink lends a classic, youthful look to your cosmetic color palette.
  • Light Liner:  Black eyeliner can look too dramatic on blondes.  Try using a light charcoal, brown, green, or blue eyeliner instead.  Brush your eyelashes with black mascara for a bold look, or stick with brown mascara for a more subtle, classy look.
  • Night Out:  If you need to dress it up for a night on the town, choose a facial feature that you want to accentuate.  Bold red lips look fabulous on blonds, with a simple eyeshadow and cheek color.  You could also play up your eyes by using bright eyeshadow.  Be sure to blend it well.
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Gorgeous Brunettes
Brunettes have a wide variety of color to choose from when it comes to shade combinations, such as:
  • Blushing:  When selecting a blush color, use a soft pink or pinkish brown blush.  This creates a youthful appearance and gives off a fresh glow.  Depending on the undertone of your skin, you may also choose a peach or rose color.
  • Neutrals:  Go easy when it comes to neutralizing your look. Use warm tones to give your face a hint of color.
  • Color Variety:  Since brown-haired beauties look great in nearly any color, experiment with your color palette.
  • Eye Colors:  Different shades of browns add depth and dimension to your eyes.
Radiant Redheads
Selecting the perfect color may be a little challenging for redheads.  Contrasting colors look best.  Stick with:
  • Muted Tones:  Instead of traditional blacks and pinks, opt for muted tones.  Brownish-red lipstick or brownish-black mascara look better than their bolder counterparts.
  • Olive:  Redheads look amazing in olive green shades.  Since they contrast with red on the color wheel, you simply can’t go wrong with green.
  • Soft Browns:  Brown eyeshadow adds a nice contrast to fiery red locks.  You can experiment to see which shades complement your hair and eye color.
Coordinating your cosmetic palette with the color of your hair is a great way to enhance your look for summer.  Whether you want a neutral summer bronze or a sun-kissed pink, you can look fabulous throughout the summertime.

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