Thursday, July 4, 2013

Joovy Roo Review @Joovy


Have you heard of Joovy yet? I'm sure if you are a parent you have. Joovy is a US based company that manufactures premium family gear products. They have facilities in Dallas, Texas and Orange County, California

We have been searching for a simple stroller to use when BG gets here and we came across the Joovy Roo!

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As a Joovy Blogger I received the Joovy Roo to test out. Let me just tell you about simple assembly! 

This pregnant Mama put together the Roo herself in only 10 minutes. 

The Roo is a lightweight stroller weighing in at just 16.2 lbs. This is perfect for a Mom like me who will be recovering from a c-section. Trying to wrangle a heavy stroller after major surgery is not fun. 

The Joovy Roo is super easy to fold and un fold as well which makes this stroller rank high in my book. The Roo features a one handed fold. 

To fold and un fold you simply press the red button at the top and twist closed. 2 seconds is all it takes. 

Roo Car Seat Stroller

{ photo from the Joovy website }
Here is where the Joovy Roo and other snap n go strollers differ. As you can see from the aboive photo the Roo uses a side facing position. This feature was super intriguing to myself and the Hubs so we decided to check out just what Joovy was thinking. Here is what I found

"The Roo’s side mount allows for easy and close access when you are seated at a table as you can ‘parallel park’ the Roo close without the handle getting in your way. This is helpful when you stop to feed the baby, are at a restaurant or simply interacting while seated"

This feature is amazing, no more stroller handles in the way when you are at a restaurant!

Let's talk about another feature I really like on the Joovy Roo: The  beverage holders. On all other strollers the cup holders are on top of the stroller, right above babies head. On the Joovy Roo the cup holders are below the baby. Why are you asking? Well, think about it, if you have a hot cup of coffee in the cup holder at the top of the stroller and it falls forward where is it going to land? Yep, on baby! With the cup holders at the bottom you dont have to worry about any liquids spilling on baby! Not only is that the smartest thing I have seen in a long time, there are 4 cup/bottle holders! My Hubs is in cup holder heaven as you have read that he has a thing for cup holders!!

Roo Car Seat Stroller

The Joovy Roo is compatible with Chicco® KeyFit 30Graco® SnugRide Classic Connect 30 Graco® SnugRide Classic Connect 35Peg Perego® Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30

Now, when going to use our infant seat with the Roo we ran into a problem. We have the newer Graco infant seat, the click connect 35 and it doesn't fit in correctly. I have heard a "rumor" that one will be out soon.

The Joovy Roo is such an amazing snap n go stroller that I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a lightweight stroller that has all of the bells and whistles!

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Between the amazing price tag of $99.99 and Joovy's EXCELLENT customer service Party of 5 highly recommends ALL Joovy products! 

** disclosure: As a Joovy Mom Blogger I received the Joovy Roo to facilitate my review. No monetary exchange was made **

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