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Personaliz​ed Positive Energy Holiday Gifts On-trend in Red Bank, NJ @alexandani #HGG13

Alex and Ani

With all of the hustle and bustle of the Holidays quickly approaching Alex and Ani have tried to simplify things for their customers.

The Red Bank, NJ location is not too far from my home and is the top performing Alex and Ani store in NJ.  I had the chance to interview  Susan Soares, Vice President of Retail Operations for Alex and Ani

At the Red Bank location, Alex and Ani sales associates often spend anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes with each shopper, giving them the time and attention needed to select the perfect positive energy-packed gift. Alex and Ani’s expandable bangles ($28) are adorned with personalized charms, including initials, birthstones, zodiac signs, and more, all with individual and empowering characteristics. The sales of many bangles also support national non-profits and/or charity organizations. This store location in particular has seen a tremendous influx of shoppers in the past few weeks.
The Alex and Ani Red Bank staff can help shoppers select the perfect gift, whether it’s a Four Leaf Clover Bangle to your favorite newlywed (instilling blessing, fortune and prosperity) or the Path of Life Charm to your teenager (strength, motivation and knowledge).

Q1: When did the Alex and Ani store open in Red Bank and why was that location picked? The store opened on July 16, 2012. This location was chosen based on the success of wholesale accounts in the area and the fact that Red Bank represents Main Street America, which is our expansion strategy. We also have internal knowledge of the area.
Q2: Any plans to open more stores in NJ? Specifically Ocean/ Union Counties? Yes! We will be opening a location in Westfield and are looking into other areas including the coastline.
Q3: Is Christmas the busiest season for Alex and Ani? Overall, yes, but there are extreme peak times in specific stores based on location.
Q4: Do you offer gift wrapping/ packaging We use our black and gold signature packaging throughout the year and don’t deviate during holidays.
Q5: Does Alex and Ani offer a wish list type of option for those clueless husbands?   Yes! Customers can complete a wish list during any visit to our stores and we keep it on file for those looking to purchase gifts! We also just hosted a “Grant Her Wish” event for men to shop from the wish lists. Sales from this event made up a quarter of that day’s business.
Q6: Do employees have to go through special training? Of course. I worked closely with Alex and Ani University to create a course that is exclusive to Alex and Ani and one that sets us apart from other retailers in terms of customer interaction and culture.
Q7: as a 3 time pre eclampsia survivor I would love to see a charity bracelet.  Any idea if that could be arranged? Our Charity by Design division fields all requests from organizations that would like to partner with us. Please reach out through our website!
Right now due to the Holiday rush Alex and Ani customers can enjoy hot cocoa, granola bars, hot cider and holiday cookies while waiting. I also got word that Biagio Pizza, next door to Alex and Ani is serving pizza to those waiting in line! Talk about wonderful Holiday spirit!
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