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Buffalo Wing Turns 50! and a #GIVEAWAY for some @Franks_Red_Hot

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The Buffalo Wing Turns 50!
Celebrate the Big Game with Frank’s RedHot!

 2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Buffalo Wing – a momentous occasion sure to be celebrated by sports fans and foodies alike. First created in Buffalo, NY in 1964, the original recipe was as simple as combining Frank’s® RedHot®sauce and melted butter. As the history books tell it, wings were seen as a culinary cast-off at the time and Buffalo wing sauce was created in a pinch to stave off the hunger of some late night revelers stopping by a neighborhood tavern. But fifty years later, this secret sauce still exhibits a flavor profile that continues to take the country by storm. It’s one for the history books: the lowly Buffalo Wing catapulted from basic pub grub to menu mainstay, all across America.
With more than 1.25 billion wings served and consumed during Super Bowl weekend and totaling more than 100 million pounds of wings overall*, your sure to find a big platter of wings at your game day celebration. So celebrate the Big Game and the anniversary of wings withFrank’s RedHot.  Some things may have changed over fifty years, but one thing that hasn’t:  the secret to authentic Buffalo flavor can only be achieved with Frank’s RedHot, THE secret ingredient in the original Buffalo wing sauce recipe. 
“It’s the distinctive blend of flavor and heat that distinguishes Frank’s RedHot from wing sauce ‘wannabe’s,’” says Christian Ortiz, Senior Brand Manager for Frank’s RedHot. “Today, Frank’s RedHot Original remains widely popular, but we’ve since introduced a host of new flavors that reflect contemporary taste trends such as Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili sauce, Sweet Heat BBQ, Hot Buffalo, XTRA Hot and more.” So grab a few bottles as you prepare the game day buffet and try some exciting new wing recipes that reflect a twist on the classic such as Cajun Buffalo, Honey BBQ Sesame and Sweet Chili Asian wings.

Going to a party and wondering what to bring? Try Frank’s® RedHot® Buffalo Chicken Dip, it’s like Buffalo wings in a bowl – same great flavors, but without the mess, and perfect for transporting! You’ll be the hit of the party and the next day, when folks are hanging around the water cooler comparing notes on the hottest TV ads, the next most talked about Super Bowl topic will be your party dip - #lickthebowlclean!

While you’re prepping for the party, don’t forget that Frank’s RedHot is the also the perfect complement to all your game day favorites. So bring it on and pour it on! From wings and chili to burgers and nachos, Frank’s® RedHot® is the “must-have” for any legendary party!

* Source: National Chicken Council

Get your party started with these great recipes and look for additional options at
Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip
This robust creamy dip tastes like Buffalo Chicken Wings but without the mess! Serve hot with celery sticks, veggies or your favorite chips.
Prep Time: 5 min.  Cook Time:  20 min.

1 (8 oz.) package              PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
½ cup                              Blue cheese or ranch salad dressing
            ½ cup                             ½ cup                              any flavor FRANK’S® REDHOT® Sauce
½ cup                              Crumbled blue cheese or shredded mozzarella cheese
                                                  2 cans (12.5 oz. each)       SWANSON® White Premium Chunk Chicken Breast in Water, drained  

1. HEAT oven to 350ºF. Place cream cheese into deep baking dish. Stir  until smooth.
2. MIX in salad dressing, Frank’s RedHot sauce and cheese. Stir in chicken.
3. BAKE 20 minutes or until mixture is heated through; stir. Garnish as desired. Serve with crackers or cut up vegetables.

Makes 4 cups dip

Microwave Directions:  Prepare as above. Place in microwave-safe dish. Microwave, uncovered, on HIGH 5 min. until hot, stirring halfway through cooking.
Tips:  You may substitute 2 cups shredded cooked chicken.
Slow Cooker Method: Combine ingredients as directed above. Place mixture into small slow cooker.                           Heat on HIGH setting for 1 ½ hours until hot and bubbly or on LOW setting for 2 ½ to 3 hours. Stir.
Tailgating Tip: Prepare dip ahead and place in heavy disposable foil pan. Place pan on grill and heat dip until hot and bubbly.


Prep Time: 10 min.     Cook Time:  20 min.

2 ½ lbs.                                   chicken wing pieces
¾ cup                          any flavor FRANK’S® REDHOT® Wing Sauce

1.             BAKE wings in foil-lined pan at 500°F on lowest oven rack for 20 minutes until crispy, turning once.
2.            TOSS wings in sauce to coat.

Makes 6 to 8 servings

Tip:  You may substitute ½ cup FRANK’S® REDHOT® Sauce mixed with 1/3 cup melted butter for the Wings Sauce. Alternate Cooking Directions: Deep-fry at 375°F for 10 minutes.
Broil 6-inches from heat 15 to 20 minutes, turning once.
Grill over medium heat 20 to 25 minutes, turning often.


Prep Time: 5 mins; Cook Time: 20 mins

2 ½  lbs.           chicken wing pieces   
½  cup              any flavor FRANK’S® REDHOT® Buffalo Wings Sauce 
1/3 cup            ketchup
2tsp.                 Cajun seasoned spice blend

1.   BAKE wings in foil-lined pan at 500 °F on lowest oven rack for 20 to 25 min. until crispy, turning once.   
2.   MIX Buffalo Wings Sauce, ketchup and spice blend.
3.  TOSS wings in sauce to coat.

Makes 6 to 8 servings 

Tip: You may substitute 1/2 cup FRANK’S® REDHOT® Sauce mixed with 1/3 cup melted butter for the Wings  Sauce.   

Alternate Cooking Directions: Deep-fry at 375°F for 10 min.  
Broil 6-inches from heat 15 to 20 min., turning once.
Grill over medium heat 20 to 25 min., turning often.   

These sweet honey sesame wings will delight your guests at any party.
Prep Time: 10 mins; Cook Time: 10 mins

¼  cup              honey barbecue sauce
¼  cup              FRANK’S® REDHOT® Cayenne Pepper Sauce 
¼  cup              apricot jam 
1 Tbsp.             Asian sesame oil 
2 ½  lbs.           chicken wings, split and tips discarded 
2 Tbsp.             toasted sesame seeds 

1.  Combine barbecue sauce, Frank’s RedHot Sauce, jam and sesame oil; set aside. 
2.  Deep fry* wings at 375°F (HIGH) for 10 min. or until cooked and crispy; drain. 
3.  Toss hot wings in jam mixture. Place on serving platter and sprinkle with sesame seeds. 

Makes 8 servings 

*Alternate Cooking Directions: Bake 20 min. at 500°F until fully cooked and crispy, turning halfway; Broil 6-inches from heat 15 to 20 min., turning once; Grill over medium heat about 20 min., turning often. 


Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 20 mins

3 lbs,                chicken wing pieces   
¾  cup              FRANK’S® RedHot Sweet Chili® Sauce
2 tbsp.              light soy sauce
1 tsp.                grated peeled ginger
1 tsp.                minced garlic
2 Tbsp.             minced green onion or cilantro

1.    BAKE wings in foil-lined pan at 500°F on lowest oven rack for 20 to 25 min. until crispy, turning once.   
2.    MIX Sweet Chili Sauce, soy sauce, ginger and garlic in large bowl.
3.   TOSS wings in sauce to coat. Sprinkle with green onion or cilantro.

Makes 6 to 8 servings 

Alternate Cooking Directions: Deep-fry at 375°F for 10 min.  
Broil 6-inches from heat 15 to 20 min., turning once. 
Grill over medium heat 20 to 25 min., turning often.     

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Cassandra Eastman said...

Hot Wings! I actually did make wings this year and we used Frank's, it's our favorite.

tricia savage said...

love Franks hot sauce on everything!!!

terry maigi said...

Oh man… I could put Franks on EVERYTHING!! My favorite game day food is wings! Of course we use Franks :)

Meagan Tsistinas said...

I love wings!

Ann Fantom said...

I like to eat nachos when watching the Superbowl.

abfantom at yahoo dot com

bbrittbrat1398 said...

I love pizza and wings.
Brittney House

juliemurphy said...

My family likes the hot wings soaked in franks hot sauce

CHRIS HOEY said...

I actually did make wings this year and we used Frank's, it's our favorite. Hot Wings!

llinda29 said...

favorite Superbowl snack is popcorn

April said...

I love to make fiery deviled eggs with franks for the big game!

ssgsweeps @ gmail. com

Christie said...

hot wings are my absolute favorite.

Halation said...

I like hot and spicy buffalo wings!

Linda said...

Pizza is our favorite and yes we put Frank's on it!!!

Colin_conversation_killer said...

Definitely wings, followed by lil smokies said...

mmmmmm wings

Krabbman said...

My favorite gameday snack is nachos with Frank's!

Jane Thomas said...

Pigs in a blanket.

SexyBrat said...


Katie Klein said...

Nachos and wings.

Paula Michele Hafner said...

My favorite is chili cheese fries and nachos.

Todd Lovessweeps said...

Hot wings !

Caitlin Forslund said...

Hot wings! OF COURSE with Franks!

Xty C said...

We love buffalo wings

Lauren-Olivia Wood said...

Any kind of dip would be my favorite snack!

heymissvirginia said...

My favorite football snack is spinach dip in a bread bowl. As far as hot sauce, definitely going to be chicken wings.
heymissvirginia at embarqmail dot com

Natalie said...

Hot wings and nachos!

steve weber said...

taco dip and boneless hot wings.

Dawn Monroe said...

I like to have meatballs and cheese ball.

Danielle Oyen said...

I make this Buffalo chicken bake that is to die for and yes it has Frank's

Donna said...

chips and salsa

MaureenG said...

Sliders with toppings including Frank's Red Hot Sauce

Caatherine Campbel said...

Love Franks and wings. We love Franks on everything!

Cheryl Chervitz said...

Hot wings and pizza are our favorites, and we do use Franks.


My favorite Super Bowl snack are nachos.

Jakes Movie Reviews said...

Nachos with Queso Dip!

Susan C said...

Buffalo Chicken Dip is my favorite.

Lisa Voyce said...

My favorite is buffalo wings.

Denise S. said...

I like having pizza.

Jackie K. said...

Wings using Franks Red Hot:)

lilbabypug said...

Buffalo chicken dip is my favorite. and yes I use Franks Red Hot Sauce to make it.

Heather said...

My favorite is the buffalo chicken dip. My family makes it almost every week.

Erica C. said...

Buffalo chicken dip is the best.

Mya Murphy said...

My fave are nachos!! Extra cheesy!!

Tanya Bartlett said...

Chicken wings with Franks Red Hot sauce

Melissa M said...

Hot wings made with Frank's are my favorite big game treat.

Wendy Rozema said...

my favorite is Hot Wings!

Charlene said...

Chili Cheese Fries is my fave. I don't use frank's in it, but I love to put hot sauce on scrambled eggs :)

Anonymous said...

I love eating wings on superbowl sunday and sometimes I like em hot with some hot sauce.

william said...

Boneless Buffalo wings!

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I can't have a party without deviled eggs.

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franks buffalo wings are awesome

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It's a tie between chicken wings and jalapeno poppers!

Sarah Hall said...

I love BBQ mini weenies while watching a game.

Debra said...

i made the FRANK’S REDHOT BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP for the first time my family loved it

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Buffalo wings.

Leanne Godfrey said...

Chicken Wings are our favorite Super Bowl Snack. We toss them in Frank's.

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Boneless hot wings.

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I love pizza and wings.

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i like hot wings made with franks hot sauce.

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We love chicken wings!!

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Chicken wings, any kind!

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My breakfast burritos with your hot sauce is a big hit.

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Buffalo Wings are my favorite.

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we like chicken wings made with hot sauce

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I made chicken wings with hot sauce.

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It is definitely Buffalo Chicken Dip made with Frank's Hot Sauce.

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I like hot wings

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hot wings with franks red hot sauce

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Chicken wings are my favorite super bowl snack.

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Mushroom swiss BBQ burgers with onion rings.

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love it with hot wings and buffalo wings.