Monday, May 19, 2014

Bahama Breeze International Pineapple Day @BahamaBreeze

Last week was International Pineapple Day and I got to spend it with my best friend at Bahama Breeze. 

** Disclosure: Party of 5 received complimentary appetizers and drinks in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own **

We went to Bahama Breeze in Toms River. The restaurant is really nice aesthetically. Outside was reminiscent of an island restaurant. There was seating outside , but it was too cold to eat outside. 
We were greeted promptly by the hostess. The inside of the restaurant was very nice as well. Tall vaulted ceilings and palm trees everywhere. Definitely gave the feel Id assume they were looking for. 

Our waitress was very knowledgeable and helpful as far as what to order and what would suit our specific tastes.For drinks we got Bahamaritas.  The drink was not very good. It comes with Tequila on the side and you can add it in as you drink it. Very cool concept, but if you don't do it just right, all it does is turn your frozen drink into a watered down drink. 

For appetizers we ordered Chicken Tostones and Onion Rings. The chicken Tostones were ok, but the plantains were a little too hard for me. The taste was very good, but felt like I was going tio chip a tooth. The onion rings on the other hand were OUT OF THIS WORLD! Big coconut crusted onion rings with a honey mustard sauce that was awesome as well. Definitely the best thing that we had that night. I HIGHLY recommend them.

I was a little unhappy about how fast our dinners came out. We hadn't quite finished our appetizers and the dinners came out. Not a big deal, but I usually like a little time in between. We did not specify that to the waitress. We got a classic chesburger with regualar french fries, and a Chipotle Beef Rice Bowl. The cheeseburger was good, but not the best burger I have had. It was kind of on the bland side. Not much as far as flavor profiles go. The french fries were also just ok. I more than likely would NOT re order this meal.
The Chipotle Beef Rice Bowl looked delicious and was. Every single bite was a different type of flavor. Very fresh and flavorful! 

The prices in a whole arenn't that bad. The atmosphere is nice. The wait staff is knowledgable and very friendly. The drinks and food are average. I probably wouldnt go back to Bahama Breeze, because nothing really stood out to me as special enough to re-visit the restaurant. Not the worst place I have ever eaten, but just ok.

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