Thursday, May 15, 2014

Protecting our puppy with @PetArmor #petarmorprotects

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** Disclosure: I was provided product in order to facilitate this review. I was compensated as well. As always all opinions are my own. **

As if my life wasn't crazy enough, we recently got a 7 week old puppy!! She is now 10 weeks and super spunky.When I first took her to our regular vet he couldn't stress the importance of protecting her against fleas and ticks.

We have sand in our backyard so we protect our dogs year round by using PetArmor.

 Having 4 kids and 2 dogs I never know who is going to bring home or in what. Fleas and ticks are pretty high up on my Gross List of things I don't want in our house.

They multiply like super fast and are just plain icky,not to mention a pain to get rid of.

PetArmour contains fipronil, an active ingredient used in Frontline products. It kills ticks, fleas, flea eggs and chewing lice. Now I don't know about you but I had no idea what chewing lice were. Do yourself a favor, DON'T google it. Just use your PetArmour!

As with the other flea & tick products you use PetArmour once a month.

3 month supply

Application is simple unless you have a squirmy puppy :)
Just cut off the top { AWAY FROM YOUR FACE } and use open end to part dogs hair and go down their back. With our puppy, who happens to be a chocolate lab its difficult to get the PetArmour on real good. My husband has to apply for me because I cant seem to get it down all the way. It tends to just slide off of her fur.

You also need to really know your dogs weight. For us we used the Dogs & Puppies 6.5-22lbs and OVER 8 weeks old.
There is a PetArmour designed for all dog sizes. Make sure you purchase the one appropriate for your dog.

I love that in each box there is a 3 month supply. We write the dates on the calendar so we know when our dogs need to have a reapplication.

PetArmour can be found at for around $25

We love that we get superior protection for our poochies at a fraction of the cost of the other brands.

Make sure you stay connected with PetArmour on their Website, Facebook and Twitter

*Disclosure: Party of 5 received product in order to facilitate this review. I was compensated for this campaign. Regardless, all opinions are my own*

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