Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Radio Flyer Presents $10,000 Little Red Stories Grand Prize to Deserving Kansas City-Area Family @RadioFlyer

Radio Flyer awards $10,000 check to three-year-old Amare Dawit and his family of Lawrence, KS for their submission – “Mama Sit!” – to its Little Red Stories Contest.  Adopted from Ethiopia, Amare has an infectious smile that radiates happiness.  Whether running around with his Radio Flyer trike or wagon, Amare is full of smiles and thoroughly enjoys his outdoor play adventures. According to Amare’s mom. Reesa Allee, who submitted the $10,000-winning story, the Radio Flyer wagon he received for his second birthday is the preferred method of transportation on the family’s evening walks.  One night shortly after bringing Amare home from Ethiopia, he patted the extra seat in the wagon and said, “Mama sit!”  When Allee hopped in as instructed, Amare found it hilarious and erupted with laughter as his dad pulled the duo through the neighborhood.   

The eight-month promotion sought to uncover personal stories and memories involving a Radio Flyer product.  Entries from coast-to-coast poured in, sharing moments of joy, laughter, grass stains and outdoor play, but in the end it was the story of three-year-old Amare Dawit of Lawrence, Kansas that clinched the grand prize. 

A representative from Radio Flyer will be traveling to the family’s home in Lawrence, KS to present the $10,000 check among other prizes, including a surprise donation.

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