Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Graco 4Ever™ All-in-1 Car Seat Review @GracoBaby

* Disclosure: Party of 5 received samples in order to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was made. As always all opinions are my own. *

I am a lover of all things car seat and could pretty much talk about car seats and car seat safety all day.  It is one of my greatest passions. I regularly detour down the car seat aisles of any store I go into to touch and play with the car seats. With that being said, when I saw the Graco 4ever for the first time, I thought that I was dreaming. It was literally the car seat of my dreams. The car seat that would do everything! Newborn all the way up to a backless booster with a 10 year expiration! I knew I had to get my hands on it!
Then it showed up at my door. The prettiest box I had ever seen!

It came pretty much fully assembled and all I had to do was click on the cup holders. I didn’t even need the instructions to know how to do that! The first thing I noticed is that this would fit a true 4 lb baby. I wish I had an itty bitty baby to put in there (I will update in a few years ;) ) but for now you’ll have to just trust me!
This car seat was super easy to install. I test this out using my husband. If he can install it properly, pretty sure most people can! I love that there are buttons on the latch to release them. This makes taking the seat out a breeze! Another perk is even if you don’t read the manual (which I highly suggest you do for any car seat you ever use) all the important information is printed right on the seat!

My kids love this seat. All 3 of them.

Brynne is 5. She is 35lbs and about 42 inches tall. She has used this seat harnessed and it is almost exactly like her Nautilus (except it’s not pink, how dare Graco not make every single seat pink!) She has PLENTY of room and will be able to use this for a couple more years harnessed before using it as a highback booster!

Luke is 3.75. He will be 4 in November and is itty bitty. He weighs 27 lbs and is 38 inches tall. He uses this seat rear facing and is totally comfortable. He said it’s his favorite seat yet and he can’t wait for it to be his turn! (Him and the baby take turns and thanks to the no re thread harness, it’s a super easy swap!) There is plenty of room left for him to rear face, too. If I had to guess I would say he will be able to rear face until his junior year…. Of college. HA. In all seriousness, he will probably be able to rear face for 2 more years, maybe more. Technically Brynne could rear face in this seat so the rear face capabilities rock!

Then there is my baby, Penelope. She is 11 months old about 23 lbs and I honestly have no idea how tall she is right now. This girl is as in love with car seats as I am and from the moment I took this seat out of the box she was all over it! I couldn't get her out of it! This seat is now pretty much her full time seat. I wish I had it when she was smaller because the infant inserts and head rests look so amazingly comfortable!

Penelope also got a squeezy packet of apple sauce all over the seat so that I could tell you all that it’s not really that difficult to clean, either! Thanks for looking out, P!

I don’t have a child that would use this seat as a booster but for those that do, it’s an easy switch from a harness seat to a no harness seat. There is a compartment under the cover where you just pop the harness and buckles in to store them. That means no losing the harness straps or buckles!

As a person who has played with a lot of car seats, I can say with confidence that this seat could very well be the only seat that you ever need to buy for your child. If you’re not interested in using an infant carrier, at most the only other seat you might have to buy is a booster, only if your child is too small at 10 to sit without one. 

I would highly recommend this seat simply because it is my most favorite seat EVER!

You can purchase the Graco 4Ever seat for $299.99 at Babies R Us

* Disclosure: Party of 5 received samples in order to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was made. As always all opinions are my own. *


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Love this review! And seriously considering purchasing this car seat very soon. Thank you!

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