Friday, October 10, 2014

Joovy Caboose VaryLight Review @Joovy #JoovyCabooseVaryLight #StrollWith2 #Joovy

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Having 4 kids 3 of which are close in age sometimes proves to be challenging when we head out. Olivia is going to be 5 but is also a wanderer. I find myself always looking for a way to keep her close to me when we go out.  I don't always need a double stroller and hate having my trunk filled with strollers. 

The Joovy Caboose VaryLight has solved my problems!

You know the phase where your kid thinks they’re too big for a stroller because “strollers are for babies” but you, being the all-knowing parent, know that 5 minutes into your trip to the zoo, or amusement park, or even walk around the block, and your kid is going to be crying to get in the stroller. Or worse, be crying to be carried, as if they’re still the 15 pound baby that you used to be able to carry all over.


Joovy has come up with a solution with their VaryLight.  This stroller allows you to put one child in a seat, and then when your child complains that they don’t want to walk anymore, there’s a spot for them to stand or sit, too! Really, the options don’t stop there. Have a toddler and a newborn? The toddler can sit in the seat and then with an attachment, you can put an infant seat on the back. Or an infant seat in the front and the back, or an infant seat in the front and an older child can stand or sit on the back! There are so many variables that it’s bound to grow with your family!

Caboose VaryLight Stand-On Tandem Stroller

We absolutely LOVE our Joovy VaryLight and take it with us everywhere we go. People often stop and ask us about our stroller and I love to show them how easy it is to convert from a short frame to a long frame.

As a family of 6, I appreciate the amazing storage the Joovy VaryLight has to offer. I can easily fit 6 sweatshirts, 2 light blankets and a small lunchbox underneath! That's a lot of storage!

My VaryLight doesn't leave the trunk of my van!

You can purchase a Joovy VaryLight for $499.99 on the Joovy website

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