Thursday, October 9, 2014

Quest Chips Review @QuestNutrition #CheatClean

* Disclosure: Party of 5 received samples in order to facilitate this review. As always all opinions are our own. *

When I heard about Quest Chips, I was skeptical. How could you make chips have 21 grams of protein and only 120 calories per serving, and not have a product that totally tastes like cardboard?

So naturally, when I opened my first bag of Quest Chips, I had low expectations. I tried the sea salt first and thought hmm, these aren’t as bad as I expected.

 Tried the cheddar second and thought heyyyyy! These REALLY aren’t bad!

Then I tried the BBQ and was completely sold. The flavor of the BBQ is truly on point. It has more, and better, flavor than some of the best BBQ chips out there on the market, and these are way better for you! I think, the best part is, they’re filling!

With 21 grams of protein per bag these truly are a snack that will keep you full for a while!

Quest Chips can be found at most Nutrition Stores such as GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe and of course online!

Quest Nutrition also has a line of pasta, protein bars and a clothing line.

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