Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Staying connected this Halloween with the @Life360app

*Disclosure: This has been a compensated post, however all opinions are my own and cannot be bought. *

As a Mom of a 13 year old son who no longer sticks with us during Trick or Treating we made a deal. We both download the Life360 app so we always know where the other one is. While we do often tend to go around in the same area it's really easy to get separated from each other.

As you can see each person's picture will pin point their location and you can zoom in and see where they are at a closer view point.

Life 360 makes it easy to communicate with my family without calling everyone to find out where they are. I love that I can make a special Halloween circle to help keep us all in contact during the day and night. Since the older kids go on their own after a while and the parents stay with the little ones meeting up for dinner has never been easier!

Another feature I really like is that I can see on my map where the registered sex offenders are. This is something that scares me to death. You can also choose to show local Hospitals, Fire Stations, Police Stations as well as the Sex Offenders and you can see what type of crime occurred in the area.

These features are super important to me while my tween is not only out on Halloween but in our everyday life.

Life 360 has an Instagram contest going on right now. If you share your costume photos, follow @Life360app and tag it #Scare360, you are randomly entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

My most favorite part of this awesome app? It's totally FREE!! Such a great way to communicate with my immediate family and friends without picking up the phone. Instead of making 900 phone calls to see how long it will take them to arrive someplace I can easily just see instead! 

What are you waiting for? Download the Life360 app and keep in touch with your little gobblins this Halloween!! 

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