Tuesday, November 11, 2014

HGG|| P'JAMERZ Review & #Giveaway #HGG14



About mid-summer, out of the blue, my son started having bad dreams and ended up in our bed every single night. Like clockwork between 12 and 2, I would hear him running across the hallway and I’d always look up just in time to see him leap into my bed and hurry up and get under the covers and get as close as humanly possible to me. Likethisfreakingclose.

 I slept with his bony little knees in my back for more nights than I can count, but this boy was seriously shaking scared of whatever it was that was that he was dreaming about. (Mickey Mouse hitting his friends, a red robot that took little boys away from their mommies, oh and then Minnie Mouse started hitting her friends, too!) 

When I came across P’Jamerz I was skeptical but realized that I had nothing to lose. I didn’t think ANYTHING would work and that it was just a phase he had to grow out of. Thankfully, I was wrong!

I got the kit in the mail with a story book, and 2 characters. Archie, and Knightmare. Luke instantly loved the toys and we read the story. 

Is he not the cutest thing ever?! 

 It was cute, but it didn't help anything alone. Then Shauntay, the creator of P’Jamerz, sent me the video. Luke and I sat down and watched it every day for a couple days and read the story before bed. The video really helped Luke identify more with the characters and he LOVES that Knightmare says “Seriously, guys!!” because that is one of his favorite things to say, ever! 

I am happy to report that in the past 4-5 weeks, Luke has slept in his bed, all night long. Even after having bad dreams. He wakes up and says it’s all a part of his imagination and that his imagination is being silly and he goes back to bed. Sometimes he has to come in for a hug and a kiss before going back to bed, or he comes and tells me about his bad dreams, but more often than not, he actually goes back to bed, on his own. 

I am SO thankful for P’Jamerz

Check out P'Jamerz Episode 1 on You Tube

P’jamerz is launching their kickstarter today. Check them out!


Karen Dreboty said...

My kids don't have nightmares. My son does jump in his sleep and talk alot. I just put my hand on him and rub his back until he stops.

shirley said...

One of the girls does, we just talk and sit with her, to clam down.

Audrey Griffis said...

both my kids have had them but they are not a regular occurrence- we just reassure that it was just a dream...