Friday, November 7, 2014

HGG || Wubble Bubble Ball Review @WubbleBall #WubbleBall

*Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own *

What kid doesn't love spending time outdoors playing? Mine are always looking for some fun new things to play with. Recently we saw the Wubble Bubble Ball on one of our very many trips to Target! 

What is a Wubble Bubble Ball?

A Wubble Bubble Ball looks like a bubble but plays like a ball! 
It inflates up to 3ft!
Made from some super stretch material
You can catch it, kick it, squeeze it 
Play inside or out

What comes inside the box?

everything you see here! The pump requires 4 D batteries

Since Peyton has been sick for the past few weeks with pneumonia we tested out our Wubble Bubble  Ball inside! This is probably one of the only times I have allowed my kids to play with balls inside the house. 

They had a blast! The baby however, was petrified of the Wubble Ball! 
Here's a video of our crazy house!

Target has selected the Wubble Bubble Ball as a 2014 Top Toy or the 2014 Holiday Season! You can find it at Target for $19.99 in Red or Blue!

Wubble Ball is on Twitter (@WubbleBall) and Facebook (


rob kroetsch said...

This thing is absolute garbage. I've had two. Both popped within 10 minutes.

Jeremy Hammons said...

ABSOLUTE JUNK! Popped in less than a day and then I sent the company $6.99 for a replacement. 11 months later and I still haven't received it! SCAM!

Darrin Edwards said...

Absolute junk, lasted 2 minutes and popped.