Monday, November 17, 2014

HGG|| Zoomers Zuppies Review #HGG14 @SpinMasterToys #ZoomerZuppies



Meet our new friend Roxy! She’s a Technicolor breed. My 4 year old bonded with her from the minute I took her out of the box. He still loves her! She responds to him petting her head, if you hit the buttons certain ways she says “I love you” or gives kisses, and she even plays games.

Zoomer Zuppies are our new best friends!

 I let Luke play with her before I had a chance to even read the directions and I came back from putting the baby down for a nap and he had already figured out the games and was playing away! She also plays some groovy tunes which is always nice for an impromptu dance party! If you leave her for too long she will start to whine, and it’s the cutest little whine!

 I even find myself picking her up and patting her head to make her happy!

All in all, she’s a cute little pup, and when she starts to get annoying, or when the kids start fighting over who gets to pet her for how many minutes (the way it goes with all toys in this house) it’s time for her nap and we put her right in the dog house to rest up for later! 

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