Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrate National Cheese Day With Casa Noble Tequila and Cheeses of Europe #TequilaFromage

*Disclosure: Party of 5 received samples in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. Remember to drink responsibly and be of legal drinking age. *

Are you a cheese lover? What about a tequila lover? Have you ever thought about pairing the two of them together? Me either!! We had the opportunity to try this out ourselves and my husband really enjoyed himself. I'm not a huge cheese fan but he is all about trying new cheeses, the stinkier the better.

We were sent a variety of cheeses from The Cheeses of Europe that included
1 pound of Imported Mimolette Cheese
1 pound of Fourme d'Ambert
1 Pound of Époisses
1 pound of Comte Cheese

Our Casa Noble Tequila Samplings included 
Casa Noble Crystal
Casa Noble Reposado
Casa Noble Anejo

Now, how to pair these babies together. We were sent somewhat of a "cheat sheet" if you will of how to pair the tequila and cheeses together and they were so spot on. 

Casa Noble Crystal pairs with Mimolette a.k.a. Boule de Lille, eighteen month old
so it would qualify as Vieille. During the 17th century Colbert denied importation
of foreign goods so the French started making their own version of a Dutch
cheese, Edam. Produced in Nord Pas-de-Calais, pasteurized cow milk, colored
with Annatto. Very mild flavor with little aroma.

 The Reposado was paired with Époisses, a wash-rind monastery style of
pasteurized cow milk, from Burgundy, also produced in Champagne-Ardenne. At
first the young cheeses are washed in a brine solution then gradually Marc is

added to the wash. Semi-soft, pungent, and a favorite of Napoleon.

The Añejo was paired with Fourme d'Ambert. This cheese can be made with raw
or pasteurized cow milk; this one was pasteurized. The blue mold is added to the
curd then the cheese is pierced to promote veining during ripening. Natural rind,
smooth and creamy paste, rather mild for a blue, crumbly and moist, with a

pleasant aroma of cow and cellar.

The Anejo with the Fourme d'Ambert was our favorite. For us adding the cheese on top of a nice juicy filet mignon and pairing it with the Anejo was a huge hit. It was super creamy and so delicious. 

I'm going to suggest that you order these delicious cheeses from The French Cheese Board in NY and pick up the highlighted Casa Noble Tequilas. They pair wonderfully together and make a great gift when visiting friends and family. 

Don't forget National Cheese Day is January 20th! 

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