Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#ad Doctor on Demand Review #FeelBetter

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Doctor on Demand. All opinions are my own

Doctor On Demand is a healthcare service that provides Video Visits with board certified physicians, psychologists, and lactation consultants via smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.
Patients simply download the Doctor On Demand app on a smartphone or tablet or visit www.doctorondemand.com on their desktop computer, provide a list of their symptoms, and are instantly connected to a provider licensed in their state for a video visit.

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Doctor On Demand is launching a promotion where they are offering everyone's first video visit for FREE

Doctor On Demand is free to register (the app is free to download). You can enter your code upon registration, store it in your account, and use it at a later date.

Check out the app on android and ios

My son Joshua has had a runny nose with no fever and a slight cough at night for about a week now. I signed up for the service which was very easy. Despite being given a code for a free visit I had to enter my credit card information.  I accidentally set up the visit for myself and had to end the call and enter in thru the pediatric tab to make sure I was in the right place which was confusing for my first “visit.” When I finally got into the right section and placed my call the doctor. The connection speeds where pretty slow because I was using my data instead of being connected to wifi, which the app warned me about.

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The picture quality is very clear. The doctor’s camera/maybe phone screen was not pointed directly at his face so most of the time he was not looking at me.  However he did take the time to check his symptoms and go through what was going on with my son. He looked at the color of his boogers and had me perform a basic physical exam. His diagnosis was an upper repertory virus. He went through everything that I could do to treat it at home and explained why it would be a bad idea to treat a virus with antibiotics.
Overall I think that it was a great visit. I was able to do it in the comfort of my own home without dragging two children to a doctor’s office full of stuff, and other kids germs. The application covers a pretty wide range of doctor services like pediatric care, lactation consultants, and general health problems. They also have the ability to give you a prescription if you need one which is pretty awesome and you can pick the pharmacy of your choosing.

Doctor on Demand accepct HSA's and FSA's and a visit for $40 is much cheaper than an urgent care or the emergency room. I probably wouldn't use the service again but that is because I prefer going to the Pediatrician. . Maybe in a pinch I would. The cost of the visit was $40 and that covered a 14 minute visit, which the doctor extended for free to cover everything he wanted to cover.

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I have included a coupon code for you to get your first session free. Simply enter party15!

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