Monday, February 9, 2015

#ad Junior Explorers Review #JuniorExplorers

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I received a Junior Explorers sample kit for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own

If your kids are anything like mine, they love doing crafts and activities. My girls will sit at the kitchen table for hours coloring, creating and most of all learning. We recently have been giving them " tablet time" with educational apps and they are having a blast!

Junior Explorers is the first of it's kind program that offers kids online and offline learning. With Junior Explorers my girls are learning all about our planet which is pretty important. The program is geared for ages 5-11. My 5 and 6 year old have no trouble navigating the site.

Something pretty awesome about Junior Explorers is that they give back a percentage of its revenue to real conservation projects that are happening around the world. They have also teamed up with Seventh Generation to jumpstart this program!

Here's how Junior Explorers Works:

Your kids are assigned a "mission" to explore different ecosystems and animals each month. Every mission included both online and offline activities

My girls are having a blast with this. We were assigned an "Arctic Mission" where the girls needed to help two polar bear cubs find their mother.

Every month Junior Explorers will be sent to your home through the mail. The kits are filled with activities, games, collectibles, and a super secret code. This is to unlock the online part of the explorers The girls flip of the "secret code". They pretend they are spies with a special code :)

When my girls go online and unlock their mission they help Junion Explorers Kia and Kyle solve a mystery about our planet. They earn points when they complete games and discover new things along the way.

As my girls play online ( and all kids ), they earn points that are then turned into real donations to nonprofits such as WWF and the Nature Conservancy. They are given a wonderful learning experience as well as learning what it means to give back.

Included in our kit this month was
Our checklist: this lets us know exactly what is inside and gives a little explanation on each thing
Arctic Postcards (4) these are to mail to 4 people you would like to share your adventure with!
Stickers and tattoos These tattoos and stickers feature arctic animals 
Flashcards and a fact sheet The fact sheet contains all of the info your child needs to help them learn about the Arctic animals. 
Activity Book this little book is all about your monthly mission
Collectibles Our Arctic mission contained a pin, wristband and to animals from the Arctic

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