Friday, February 13, 2015

Kuhn Rikon Review

*Disclosure: Party of 5 received samples in order to bring you this review. All opinions are my own,*

I have a slight obsession with kitchen gadgets, in fact I have a drawer full and I try and rotate them so my Husband doesn't see just how bad my obsession really is. I mean, really there's always a cute new gadget coming out to make things easier in the kitchen. 

My new favorite gadgets come from Kuhn Rikon, a family owned company with headquarters in Rikon, Switzerland. They help make cook wear and cooks' tools that are designed to make healthy cooking faster, easier and more enjoyable.

One of my "resolutions" this year was to eat better, cleaner, little to no processed junk and we have been doing a great job at it. Our favorite things are french fries surprise surprise, however I have been making them myself at home and baking them.

With the Krinkle Knife, I can make french fries and sweet potato fries with the perfect crinkle cut!

Not only can you make awesome crinkle cut fries, you can do carrots, squash, cucumbers and so much more.

The possibilities are really endless. With a ultra sharp, non stick Japanese stainless steel blade cutting through potatoes and veggies is a breeze.

Some features are:
Ergonomic handle
For left or right handed use
Safety sheath included for safe storage
Comes in red or green

The Krinkle Knife retails for $14.00

Now, I am known to make a giant mess of my stove when I cook, especially when I make a big ol' pot of sauce or am making bacon for breakfast. To help keep my stove clean because who really wants to scrub the stove day after day the Foldable Silicone Splatter Guards Small save the day again and again!

This bad boy also doubles as a strainer, just pop it on top of your pot and well, strain.

Features include:
A folding design to allow you to stir what's in your pot or add ingredients
Locking handles
Metal re enforced rim and handles
Non stick approved food grade silicone
Oven safe to 450
Microwave, freezer and oven safe
Fits pots 5 ½ - 9”/ 14 – 23 cm in diameter
Comes in Red, Green or Black

The 10" diameter Splatter Guard retails for $10.00

These nifty Kuhn Rikon kitchen gadgets have me cooking more in the kitchen instead of ordering take out! 

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