Monday, May 11, 2015

Conquering Bed Wetting With Pampers UnderJams

Bed wetting, it's a subject that is super touchy with both moms and kids but there is a product out there to help alleviate some of the embarrassment. Pampers Under Jams are a night wear leakage protection that features a Night-Lock ultra-absorbent core. This ensures that your child will stay dry through the night. My daughters have suffered from bed wetting more than we all would like to admit. It's tough on all of us and we never wanted our kids to feel ashamed of wetting the bed.

Now that our oldest daughter has reached the age for sleepovers with friends, we have found that Pampers Under Jams can help her keep her confidence even while at a friends house. The Pampers Under Jams are a cloth like material, similar to underwear to ensure your child's privacy. No one will know they have on Under Jams. They also feature a low waist so only you and your child know they have them on.

We found Pampers Under Jams at our local Walmart and gave them a try! My girls are so happy that we found a solution to enuresis ( bed wetting ).

Finding a solution was hard but we found that by limiting all beverages after 7 and having our girls use the bathroom before bed has helped tremendously. Also, occasionally we will wake them before we head to bed and have them try one more time.

I encourage anyone who is suffering with their child and enuresis to check out the Pampers Under Jams website to learn more about enuresis. There you can watch videos, read articles and download a free digital book to help conquer bed wetting!

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