Friday, May 29, 2015

Getting Our DJ On With Crayola DJ App

Disclosure: I received samples as well as compensation in order to bring you this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

My kids absolutely LOVE music, especially when they can make their own beats and sounds. Crayola has introduced Crayola DJ App, available on Android tablets and phones. It will be available for iOS in June. This super fun, entertaining app retails for $4.99 on Google Play and is sure to keep your kids occupied for hours. The app is geared for children ages 6-10 but my 14 year old loves playing as well.

There are 5 musical styles your child can chose from including Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, Fusion and Holiday. My girls seem to gravitate to the Hip Hop and Dance beats. You have the option to mix those styles up and create a unique sound that you create.

With around 100 tracks that were created by professional DJ's your kid then becomes the DJ of the house.

The Crayola DJ App has a few options for play:

1) Performing on the main stage where they earn points for creating their tracks. The light show that goes along with the color coded tracks is super fun and makes the app that much more enjoyable for the kids. What kid doesn't love flashing lights and music? Mine go crazy for that!

2) DJ battle where DJ's battle against each other to win! This option is so fun, especially for Mom or Dad, you know if  they play :)  The more scratching you do the louder the crowd gets earning you more points

When you finish each new beat your child creates they have the option to save the music to play again and again. You can also share with family and friends to show off your new little DJ.

The Crayola DJ App has brought many quiet times for this Mama lately since the girls have taken over my tablet and haven't stopped creating new beats!

Make sure you head to Google Play and download for your kids. It is so worth the $4.99!!

Check out the trailer below!

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