Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Potty Training With Charmin Ultra Soft & A GIVEAWAY #CharminAtSamsClub

Disclosure: This has been a sponsored post on behalf of Acorn Influence and myself. All opinions are my own.

Oh, potty training how I loathe you. It's been so tough getting my little one to get into it. We purchased the cute potty in hopes it would draw her to it. Nope, big fail.

Some things I just decided to try are Ultra Soft Toilet Paper from Charmin, a huge bag of M&M's, and Chips Ahoy cookies. Yep, I'm bribing my kid.

On my recent trip to Sam's Club I noticed that Charmin Ultra Soft made a come back at Sam's! They are now offering a thousand more sheets per package! This is great news for us because my kids use toilet paper like it's going away. I am hoping that the Ultra Softness will help entice my little one.

After potty training 3 other kids, I have learned that a little bribery goes a long way, especially for my kids. I use simple things such as M&M's. For pee pee in the potty you get 3, poopy 5. My kids go crazy for that.

It also really helps to have a nice soft toilet paper that isn't scratchy. The Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper is just that.

Right now Charmin Ultra is back at Sam's Club and they are offering over 1,000 more sheets per package, For my family of 6 that is a HUGE deal. We go through toilet paper like water, especially
when potty training.

The Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper is $22.48 and you get 24 rolls with 352 sheets per roll! Talk about a deal!

We made sure to stock up during "Potty Training Season" and save money while we can .

Do you have any great potty training tips to share?

$50 Sam's Club Gift Card Giveaway for Charmin

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