Monday, December 14, 2015

HGG|| Bright Time Buddies & Snuggie


Bright Time Buddies®, a night time companion for kids, makes the dreaded bed time routine fun. Available in Dreamy Dog and Shimmer Unicorn, this nighttime friend provides a soothing colorful light - perfect for turning any dark space into a magical place. Bright Time Buddies® are durable and portable, yet soft enough to sleep with like a stuffed animal. Kids can rotate between three different color options, or keep it on the color of their choice with a simple tap. Bright Time Buddies® are available at Kmart, Walmart and Toys R’Us for an MSRP of $14.99.

Snuggie® - America’s favorite blanket, Snuggie®, keeps the entire body warm and cozy with its plush fleece fabric. Plus, with its innovative sleeved design, it allows for free use of hands. Now available in new patterns including Grey Leopard, Love, Zebra and Blue Plaid, Snuggie® is available at Walmart and for $14.99.


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