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Illustrated Reading Book Featuring the Loveable Olaf from Disney's Frozen & A GIVEAWAY

Do you want more out of story time??? “Connected storybooks” are a fun new way to read traditional printed storybooks with your kids, then bring their favorite characters to life in 3D using your mobile device through the power of augmented reality technology!?F-U-N!

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Two new books that deliver this “connected storytelling” experience are now available for the first time this holiday season fromIncredebooks and Disney Imagicademy—exclusively at Target retail stores in the toy department and at (SRP:$14.99):

o   Olaf Wants a Birthdayfeaturing Olaf, the lovable snowman from Disney’s Frozen
o   Mickey and Donald’s Rhyme Timestarring characters from Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Fuel your child’s love of learning with rhyme, rythm and language!

Featuring stunning illustrated artwork and rhyming verse, Olaf Wants a Birthday and Mickey and Donald’s Rhyme Time offer a traditional book experience, which can then be enhanced digitally with augmented reality technology.
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Using their smartphone, children can scan specially marked pages to trigger an augmented reality experience – bringing the printed page to life in 3D and allowing them to interact with their favorite characters!
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During play, children can:

· Take a photo with Olaf or Mickey
· Change viewpoints by zooming in and out — and rotating the 3D story scenes 360 degrees
· Explore four digital experiences reinforcing early language skills
· Tap objects to trigger animations and funny rhymes
· Engage in playful rhyming games and activities

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In Olaf Wants a Birthday, the loveable Disney snowman discovers all the fun things that he could do if he celebrated birthdays like his friends Elsa and Anna. He imagines skating parties, games of tag, birthday flowers, walks with friends, songs and even a day at the beach. In the end, he decides he likes birthdays so much that he wants one every day.

And in Mickey and Donald’s Rhyme Timewhich has arrived just in time for Mickey Mouse’s birthday on November 18, Mickey and his Clubhouse friends help Donald write a lovely poem for Daisy. Even the talented Toddles cannot provide the right rhyming words so Donald has to solve the problem himself through perseverance and hard work.

You’ll be amazed at the learning power of this new generation of “connected storytelling books.” As part of Disney Imagicademy’sinnovative suite of products, Incredebooks: Disney Imagicademy Edition books help children explore reading foundation skills and concepts by:

 Recognizing rhymes and non-rhymes
 Listening to and matching rhyming word pairs
 Reading and matching rhyming word pairs

Here’s how it works!

Ø  Just download the included Apple or Android companion app through iTunes or Google Play.
Ø  Find the special symbols on the special book pages.
Ø  Activate the special pages in 3D with your mobile device!

The full augmented reality experience is INCLUDED AT NO EXTRA CHARGE with the purchase of the hardcover storybooks, available exclusively at Target.?

If you don’t have the book, you can sample the 3D experience by downloading a sample augmented reality page (PDF file) using the app; or an in-app purchase enables the downloading of two additional augmented reality pages.? In-app purchases are located behind a gated parents screen.

Here’s a great video which shows you how it works!

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Now available exclusively at Target retail stores across the US and at (SRP: $14.99), the books, for children ages 3–8, are created by Mercury Connects and published by Mercury InPress, and developed with Disney Imagicademy, a division of Disney Learning.

And for even more fun…check out other Incredebooks from Mercury Connects!

The Funny Fables book series is based on iconic children’s fables, including Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocksand The Three Little Pigs. Featuring delightful and original illustrations with reimagined story lines for today’s young readers, Mercury Connects has transformed these timeless classics into fully immersive experiences. (SRP: $11.99, available at Target.comin specially priced 2-Packs). 

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Plus, there’s a next-generation coloring and activity book for Mindy Candy’s Moshi MonstersThe Moshi Monsters: 3D coloring book series transforms the everyday coloring book into a fully customizable, augmented reality action game, bringing children’s creations to life in their world. (SRP: $9.99, available at in specially priced 2-Packs).

Holiday gift-giving season has never been this much fun with Incredebooks from Mercury Connects!

Win It:  One lucky reader will win the Olaf Wants A Birthday Incredebook! 

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