Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Saving Money On Date Night With Goupon #Groupon

                                This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

When I am trying to find something to do with my husband for our date nights the first place I go to to look for ways to save some money with a great deal is Groupon. I love being able to have a night or day out with my husband all while saving money. Groupon goods saves me money to do things that we might not normally do. 

His favorite thing to do is go fishing and it doesn't happen very often but when I saw that Groupon had a great deal on Crabbing Boat Rental I jumped on it. While it's not exactly fishing it is a day out on a boat. 

The Crabbing Boat Rental saves you up to 53% off and includes half day boat rental for up to 4 people and two kids ( if you chose to bring them ) from 1-4pm. This is a $119 value

They also offer a full day boat rental for up to 4 people and 2 kids from 7am-4pm.  A $189 value. 

I love that Groupon shows you how many people have purchased and the reviews they have left. 

With Groupon you can also give as a gift which makes it super fun at the Holidays. They always have great deals going on.

You can find Groupon on Facebook and Twitter

Where do you find great deals?

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