Monday, October 17, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide|| hugOne sleep monitor system

Shareable with the whole family, hugOne is a next generation sleep monitoring system that tracks sleep patterns, temperature, humidity and air quality to create the ideal environment for the most restful night’s sleep.  hugOne learns each family member’s sleep cycle uses an alarm clock app that automatically sets and sounds when the best moment in the sleep cycle is identified - resulting in the whole family waking up more restful and ready for work and the school day.  Consisting of a base unit and up to eight mini sleep sensors called miniHugs that tuck out under sheets next to the mattress, it monitors sleep cycles with an algorithm developed specifically to adapt to sleep patterns. 

 hugOne is designed with safety in mind – the miniHugs shut off electronic transmissions when a presence is detected – the device begins recording sleep data until the user leaves the bed and then forwards the data to the app.

  To expand management of the sleep environment, hugOne is compatible with Nest and Philips Hue light bulbs which allows users to fall asleep with sunset light and wake up to sunrise light, while holding preferred nighttime and daytime temperatures for comfort.  The hugOne base unit with two miniHug sleep sensors is available from Amazon for $179, with additional sensors retailing for $49 each.

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