Tuesday, December 6, 2016

HGG|| Black Ops lighter from Plazmatic X

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The Plazmatic Black Ops lighter is a flameless windproof lighter that uses dual beam plasma beams instead of butane or harmful liquids. It’s perfect for harsh windy environments where conventional lighters and matches struggle. The Plazmatic lighter will quickly light cigars, candles (even wood ones), incense, or anything else you need to light.

The lighter is $50 or there is now a Black Friday special.

Plazmatic lighters look stunning, provide quiet, reliable lighting power at over 900 degrees and don’t use nasty butane. 

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Matthew Stoll is the founder and inventor of Plazmatic and has always been a tinkerer. After studying marketing and engineering in college, working a number of odd jobs and starting his own electronics company, the perfect idea finally hit him -- re-invent the lighter. Inspired by the way automakers like Tesla were using batteries to produce cleaner, more eco-friendly products, he made it our mission to turn butane fuel into a thing of the past.

Plazmatic spent thousands of hours designing, prototyping and engineering a revolutionary new lighter. They gave it a better battery, improved the electric output, housed it in a slimmer, more durable case and upgraded that single beam to our iconic purple "X". Finally, after more than a year of development and testing, the Plazmatic lighter was born.

Today, with tens of thousands of delighted customers all over the world, the company’s mission is more clear than ever: make the best rechargeable lighters in the world. Period.  

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